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What’s included in Pro

Smarter Actions through Deeper, Simplified
Tokenomics Analysis

Token Emission

Track future supply based on upcoming unlocks.

Cliff & Linear Unlocks



In progress
Token Emission
Simplified Unlocks

Simplified Unlocks

A simpler visualization for unlock schedule, identify significant unlocks easily.
Price Analysis

Price Analysis

Overlay Price on Vesting Schedule to examine the impact.
Price Analysis

Post Unlock Tracking

Track onchain movement of unlocks to beneficiary wallets.

TokenUnlocks Pro

Smarter Actions through Deeper, Simplified
Tokenomics Analysis
What’s included in Pro?



Unlocks Dashboard

Token Emission

Unlock Events

Vesting Schedule

For Advanced Investor



per month

billed monthly

Everything on Starter plan plus

Pro Chart - Price, Non cumulative

Token Emission - 1M, 6M, 1Y

Unlocked and Claimed actions

Standard Allocation

More Unlock Events


CSV Export - Unlock Events, Standard Allocation

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TokenUnlocks is the best token analytics dashboard that monitors vested tokens, notifies users of upcoming unlock events and provides comprehensive tokenomics information. We curate both on and off chain data to deliver to you with the best intuitive user experience.

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